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Parks and Recreation

Imperial County is located within in the Imperial Valley. The Chocolate Mountains, the Salton Sea and the Algodones Dunes are located in Imperial County and the Colorado River borders the county to the east. The county also borders Mexico and Arizona.

The Algodones Dunes is a sand dune field that is 45 miles by 6 miles. The Algodones Dunes are split into sections including Gordon's Well, Patton's Valley, Buttercup, Glamis and Midway. Algodones is Spanish for cotton.

The Salton Sea is a saline lake in the Colorado Desert. It is 376 square miles, and is below sea level. The Salton Sea was created in 1905, when the Colorado River rose over the an Imperial Valley dike.

The Chocolate Mountains are located in the Colorado Desert and stretch 60 miles. The mountains contain the Chocolate Mountain Aerial Gunnery Range, a practice area used by the Marines and Navy.

Parks located in Imperial County:

Adams Park - El Centro
Alyce Gereaux Park - Brawley
Border Park - Calexico
Bucklin Park - El Centro
California Mid-Winter Fairgrounds - El Centro
Calipatria Park Imperial Niland
Cibola National Wildlife Refuge - Cibola
City Park - El Centro
Cline Park -  Brawley
Cortez Park - Calexico
Crestview Park - Brawley
Crummett Park - Calexico
Desert Gardens Park - El Centro
Earl Walker County Park - Holtville West
Emerson Park - Calexico
Emerson Park - El Centro
Evans Park - El Centro
Fraizer Field - El Centro
Guadalupe Park - Brawley
Hawthorne Park - Brawley
Heber Park - Heber
Holt Park - Holtville West
Imperial National Wildlife Refuge - Picacho SW
Irving Park - El Centro
Kennedy Gardens Park - Calexico
Legion Park - Heber
Lions Field - Brawley
Longfellow Park - Brawley
Mack Park I - Holtville East
McGee Park - El Centro
Meserve Park - Brawley
Niland Park - Niland
North Park - El Centro
Palo Verde County Park - Palo Verde
Pat Williams Park - Brawley
Picacho State Recreation Area I- Picacho SW
Plaza Park - Brawley
Ridge Park - Brawley
River Park I- Brawley
Rockwood Plaza - Calexico
Rodriguez Park - Heber
Salton Sea National Wildlife Refuge - Obsidian Butte
Salton Sea State Recreation Area - Durmid
Sunbeam Lake County Park - Seeley
Sunbeam Recreation Area - Seeley
Swarthout Field - El Centro
Van Der Linden Field - Holtville West
Warne Field - Brawley
Warne Park - Brawley
Weinburg Park - Brawley
West Main Park - El Centro
West Park - El Centro
Westmorland City Park - Westmorland East
Whittier Park - Brawley
Wister Waterfowl Management Area - Wister

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